detective conan the movie 13.

wanna see it to the max …

free time.

dsc05208 i went to siam with my friends on saturday

and took some photoes …

nothing to do :p

rome is waiting for red devil.


im so happy with final draw :p

because man utd will have matches with porto

so it’s easier than others 555

how easy ?? :p


m-flo new album.


i really need it…. that’s all ^^

dragonball evolution.

dragonball_poster1 yesterday, i watched dragonball evolution and i felt dissapointed with it so much.

because the hollywood created it and they did it all worng.

i felt so bad with everything in the movie such as all main characters and every

places. moreove i dont know what they did with the story. it’s not based on the

comic but they have written in the end title the based on akira toriyama.

did they read the comic before creating the movie or did they ask any fans of

dragonball ????

wrong things in the movie.

1. grandpa gohan didnt die by piccolo.

2. goku never care about the girls.

3.master rochi has to wear sunglasses.



ahh sohee.

i just saw this commercial 2 days ago

and i have seen it until now :p

OMG how cute sohee is

i cant stop 555

there are 3 versions of it…

k-ball, i got youu.

p11200891 today, i just got new sneakers from p big

it’s k-ball from adidas obyo collection

big thanks to p big again and again ^^

i wanna wear it to da maxxx…