snsd @ man utd’s tour 2009 !!!!

ahhhh ~~~~ it’s really good live because my favourite team and girl group are together :p but i feel a little bit dissappointed because there is no genie live …… why ??? because when snsd did genie, cf were broadcasting …. damn… i have waited for it a whole week but i didnt see genie ?? T_T

2ne1 vs snsd @ music bank 24th of july 2009 (i dont care vs genie).

ummmm…. im gonna talk about their shows today ^^ it’s really awesome… and i think it’s the fifth fight if im not wrong 555 because they got many fights 555 ok let’s see what i got to show you.

look at 2ne1 first …. what they got today umm…. sandara’s outfit made me really happy and im really in love with it  555 and this song is still awesome as always !! so i give them 10 points again :p

umm.. about snsd yeahh i love to say that i never get bored to watch their live !!! it’s always awesome .. leg dance ahhh ~~~ and they wear my favourite outfits today yeahhhh ~~~ awesome right ?? 555 moreover, my 3 favourite members are relly shine today … seohyun is cute as always… sunny is still awesome… and tiffany’s finger … omg !!! im gonna die 555 so i give them 10 points too ^^

ok.. so… there are no winner today but for 2ne1, they won at music bank !! they beat snsd again !! wowww good job girls !! ummm i really dont interested in today’s live at music bank .. why ??? because im waiting for snsd’s live at man utd’s match !!!!!!! omg !!! i hope they wear man utd’s outfit tooooooooo… i cant believe it that my favourite team and favourite girl group will be together !! ….. looking forward to it …. cant wait :p

just wait for their next fight !!! anyways i want snsd to get a award tooo :p