dan dan kokoro hikareteku acoustic version !!

this song is original by field of view ! it’s opening song for dragonball gt ! one of the best anime of all time ! right ? ^^and this version is covered by hironobu kageyama and others ! seriosly, it’s damn nice ! better than original version !! ummm.. maybe it was sang by king of anime ! so he made it awesome !! i wish hironobu will release full version song someday !!!

hironobu kageyama @ thailand game show 2010 !!!

as i told you last time, i will be at thailand game show 2010 to watch hironobu kageyama !! yeah ! and finally, i met him ! awesome live ! he sang we gotta power for the opening ! then cha-la-head-cha-la !! saint saiya theme song ! jet man theme song !! awesome !? jealous ? 555 i wish he will be back again !! please come back again ! i wont miss it ! dragonball is my life ! also you ! ….. then i got alot of pretties in here ! :p let’s picture tell you !

family outing ep 81 preview !!!

awesome ? the best ep ? yes it is !! hyori nuna will meet 10 girls !!! woww ! moreover, fany and nicole will meet her idol !!! yeahhh ! snsd and kara love lee hyori !!