bigbang with lollipop 2 in 2010 !!!

It’s a great day for Big Bang fans because it has just been announced that Big Bang will be collaborating with LG CYON Electronics to return with a “Lollipop 2,” sometime in the beginning of February 2010!

Very little information has been revealed but it’s understood that Big Bang will be taking on a new concept, which will be a ’sweeter’ image as opposed to a colorful one.

It breaks my heart to inform Blackjacks though that 2NE1will not be returning for this anticipated sequel. Instead, the male idol group is said to be returning with a new partner called “Lollipop Girl.”

This “Lollipop Project 2,” will be spread through a variety of online media.

We all know that the ultimate YG duo took the world by storm with their extremely vivid and catchy tune last year. Will Big Bang succeed this time with the mysterious, “Lollipop Girl?” Stay tuned to find out!


ps. this is the best news for today !! bigbang will comeback with lollipop again !! yeahhh ! but i wonder who is their partner ? ummmmm….. not 2ne1 ? so who ? or comeback of wonder bang ? or snsd ? or any others ? kara ? so many names to guess ! but it’s coming out this month !!! cant wait for it !

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