adidas originals by originals by kzklot 2010 ?

dope !!! this is just a preview from edc’s blog … waiting for the detail look !

new clot x levi’s !!!!


dope from clot !!! more information CLICK !!

new levi’s x clot !!!


this is new jean from levi’s x clot ! which was worn by edison chen in juice x pump 20 party ! dope huh ? it will be released soon !

s4s meeting @ muse on 24/10/09.

ummm… first of all i want to tell that s4s is the biggest website of street wear in thailand and there was meeting last saturday and it stared from 2 pm to 6 pm. moreover, there was after party too anyways, i posted all the pics so ramdomly … becuase im so lazy to post in order :p let’s check out how fun !











here is some pics. i cant post all in here because there are about 100 or more than that if you want to see more ? click !! and click !!. moreover, i have to say thanks to p jay (minus-2) for the pics and s4s for the pics too !

let’s me say more .. if you love street wear ? street fashion and if you are thai ? please come to join us at s4s site !! click !!

this is the biggest ! the best ! street fashion website in thailand !!

ohhhh …. im nearly forget this 55 i have met all of my good bros ! p jadi ! p big clot ! p chin ! p aum ! p don ! p beer ! and many ! :p is it late to say this ? 55 however, i want to meet p big 9_6i9 the most ! but he didnt came T_T ahh :p

david beckham vs edison chen !!!!

this is my another fight of my role models 555 this time is not for g-dragon and verbal !! but it’s a match of david beckham and edison chen !!! as you know the first one is stand for adidas about 10 years !! and the second is stand for clot (his brand) but sometimes for adidas and nike (ohhh i typed first nike word in my blog !!! omg!!!! how come ?? 555) let’s see what i got to show all of you guys….

edioson chen was doing clot symbol !!!! in nike’s event .. it’s really long time ago !! let’s see the next pic.. it will make you wonder with it :p

wowwww david beckham did a clot symbol toooo !!! 5555 nooo he didnt wear clot !! i think he was filming a cf for mobile or something !! :p

that’s all for this fight !! it’s really nothing for all of you but it’s really something for me … why ?? because both of them are my role model .. for edc i have said it many times but for db i never said so i wanna say a little bit of him …

he’s a real gentlemen guy !! and family man too.. i really wanna be like him when i was young and i started play football because of him. i got a dream that i wanna play along his side 0_0 i know it’s like a crazy dream but when i was 12 i tried so hard …. tried to shoot like him… and think everyday that how did he make a perfect free kick !!!?? … 555 till now he’s still my favourite my football player …please come back to manchester united………

ps. please vote !!!

clotone playful summer 2009 !!!!

ps. edc is always awesome !! he always can make everything hot !!!


is juice coming to thailand ?????!!!!!

i just read edison chen’s interview in bangkok post and he said like he will open juice in thailand in a few year from now ????

read it :

Bangkok might have to wait a long while, for Chen is careful when it comes to business. As much as he loves coming to Thailand for relaxation and whatnot, he won’t plunge into anything without a solid foundation.

“Within the coming years, Bangkok is definitely on the radar. But what’s more important to us right now is to build in Malaysia and rebrand in China. We all love going to Thailand to chill and eat. It would be a no-brainer to expand into there, but at the same time I’ve had some friends there who opened stores [in Bangkok], and we’ve got mixed reactions from them, so we want to tread carefully there,” he said.

ps. i hope it will be opened in thailand…..


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