adidas originals by originals by james bond for david beckham fall/winter 2010 official preview !

ummm perfer the summer collection ….

more info : HERE !!!

adidas x lee hyori 2010 video version !!!

damn ! trefoil ! you really know what i want ! lee hyori ! david beckham ! damn ! i love you so much adidas ! to bring all my favourite in these cfs ! trefoil for life !

welcome home david robert joseph beckham !

red devils will not forget you ! you are only one ! #1 hero in my heart ! hope to see you in world cup 2010 ! trust in you ! the beck is the best forever and ever !

welcome home david beckham !

united never forget you the beck ! you are #1 !!! you made me cry a lot when you left to madrid and you made me cry again when you come back ! i was waiting for 7 years since you left ! finally, my hero back to his home ! T_T im still wishing to see you in red uniform of united again also in #7 ! …. anyways, good job for man utd !…… old trafford is your home as always DAVID BECKHAM ! you are my hero forever !

adidas x star wars 2010 video version !!!

another adidas’ year !!! trefoil rocks it !! and david beckham in this video toooo !

uefa championship final 16 teams !

hard job for red devil ? and david beckham vs his favourite team  ? woww ! i cant wait for it !!! the coming back of legendary 7 !!!

snsd @ man utd’s tour 2009 !!!!

ahhhh ~~~~ it’s really good live because my favourite team and girl group are together :p but i feel a little bit dissappointed because there is no genie live …… why ??? because when snsd did genie, cf were broadcasting …. damn… i have waited for it a whole week but i didnt see genie ?? T_T

2ne1 vs snsd @ music bank 24th of july 2009 (i dont care vs genie).

ummmm…. im gonna talk about their shows today ^^ it’s really awesome… and i think it’s the fifth fight if im not wrong 555 because they got many fights 555 ok let’s see what i got to show you.

look at 2ne1 first …. what they got today umm…. sandara’s outfit made me really happy and im really in love with it  555 and this song is still awesome as always !! so i give them 10 points again :p

umm.. about snsd yeahh i love to say that i never get bored to watch their live !!! it’s always awesome .. leg dance ahhh ~~~ and they wear my favourite outfits today yeahhhh ~~~ awesome right ?? 555 moreover, my 3 favourite members are relly shine today … seohyun is cute as always… sunny is still awesome… and tiffany’s finger … omg !!! im gonna die 555 so i give them 10 points too ^^

ok.. so… there are no winner today but for 2ne1, they won at music bank !! they beat snsd again !! wowww good job girls !! ummm i really dont interested in today’s live at music bank .. why ??? because im waiting for snsd’s live at man utd’s match !!!!!!! omg !!! i hope they wear man utd’s outfit tooooooooo… i cant believe it that my favourite team and favourite girl group will be together !! ….. looking forward to it …. cant wait :p

just wait for their next fight !!! anyways i want snsd to get a award tooo :p

david beckham vs edison chen !!!!

this is my another fight of my role models 555 this time is not for g-dragon and verbal !! but it’s a match of david beckham and edison chen !!! as you know the first one is stand for adidas about 10 years !! and the second is stand for clot (his brand) but sometimes for adidas and nike (ohhh i typed first nike word in my blog !!! omg!!!! how come ?? 555) let’s see what i got to show all of you guys….

edioson chen was doing clot symbol !!!! in nike’s event .. it’s really long time ago !! let’s see the next pic.. it will make you wonder with it :p

wowwww david beckham did a clot symbol toooo !!! 5555 nooo he didnt wear clot !! i think he was filming a cf for mobile or something !! :p

that’s all for this fight !! it’s really nothing for all of you but it’s really something for me … why ?? because both of them are my role model .. for edc i have said it many times but for db i never said so i wanna say a little bit of him …

he’s a real gentlemen guy !! and family man too.. i really wanna be like him when i was young and i started play football because of him. i got a dream that i wanna play along his side 0_0 i know it’s like a crazy dream but when i was 12 i tried so hard …. tried to shoot like him… and think everyday that how did he make a perfect free kick !!!?? … 555 till now he’s still my favourite my football player …please come back to manchester united………

ps. please vote !!!

snsd vs man utd on 24th of july 2009 !!!!!

Son Dambi & Girls’ Generation: Performing on the 24th for the Visiting Manchester United Match.

The idol group Girls’ Generation and Son Dambi will be colourfully decorating the friendly Manchester United (Man U) game that will soon be played in Seoul. The ‘Kumho Tires Cup Korea Tour 2009’ is being organized by the local promotion company Mast Entertainment. Mast Entertainment announced on the 21st that, “To celebrate the friendly game between Man U and Seoul FC, we plan to have Son Dambi and Girls’ Generation performing prior to kickoff and during half time”. Rising star Son Dambi will be presenting an outstanding performance of ‘Crazy’ and ‘Saturday Night’ prior to kickoff. Furthermore, the increasingly popular Girls’ Generation will be performing ‘Gee’ and ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ during half time to take the thrilling atmosphere to the next level. In addition to this, Mast Entertainment announced that they will invite 1000 of the most underprivileged boys and girls from the Seoul Metropolitan area to the friendly match. It is hoped that this invitation will allow for the children to have a fulfilling time. Seoul FC will arrive at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 24th at 8pm for the friendly match. Manchester United players will arrive at Incheon International Airport on the 22nd at 7pm.

ps. i cant wait !!! my favourite team and my favourite girl group will be together !!! omg !!!! and i really dont care about son dambi … i need lee hyori nunaaaaaa …


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