im moving ….

hi guys ! havent blogged here for a while … just come to tell you that im moving now

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thanks for all your supporting ..

summer in korea !!!

i havent blog here such a long time !!! ok let’s start with my summer in korea !! i just got back to bangkok last night ! really tired but i got lot of fun and also lot of friendship there !! i really love this trip ! i wish i can meet everyone again in the near future !! miss you guys ! thanks for a good friendship there !

these just some pics of thousand !! if you wanna see more pics : CLICK !!

ps. dont wonder if you guys saw some pics of after school !!! cause i met them there !! they are freaking cute !!

R.I.P. central world ……

if you are thai, i think you guys will know this news already cause it’s really a biggest news of this day …. i really dont know what to say for this …. rest in peace central world ….

happy birthday to me !!!

mid-term exam !!!!

OMG !!!! finallyyyy, my mid-term exam is come … tomorrow is the first day of exam damn it !!! please pray for me lol anyways i might not come to update here about 2 weeks because of my exam T_T

more update coming soooon !!!

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happy birthday to tiffany of snsd !!!

happy birthday to my fanyyyyy :p

just a simple day.

today i went to university around 11 am and after than i went to hang out at siam and took meal there and got new tees :p by the way it’s really tired again T_T but im really happy that i got same tee as mc yoo’s 555 i got youuuuu ^^

let’s see some pics that i took today only my meal and my tees. enjoy


i took meal at ootoya paragon yummmy :p


and these are my new tees :p mc yoo i got them woo hoooooo. big thanks to my dad again because he bought them for me. ^^

just got them.


today i went to thailand education center (i really dont know how to call it in english) for getting my thai certificate. moreover i have been there since 10.30 am but i got it around 16.00 pm damn it too many ppl there –” after that i went to central with my dad to take lunch errr.. i should say dinner 555 and my dad had bought me giordano cheer u up tee woo hooo but it’s different color from mc yoo’s anyways thank you so much dad ^^ hoooo so fucking tired day T_T

new blackberry tour 9630.

Coming on the heels of a slew of new electronic updates in recent days, Blackberry has announced their newest addition to the family, the Tour 9630. The phone functions as a suitable world phone candidate with quick 3G connectivity, a 3.2MP camera, GPS/Blackberry Maps and better multimedia functions which go hand-in-hand with a clear, well-lit display and slimmer profile. The phone will debut later this summer through select carriers.

ps. it’s really good news for me because i havent buy it yet and i think this one is better than bold and curve :p


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