family outing ep 79 preivew !!

fo really love kpop ! heartbeat and bo peep !

conan the movie 14 !!!

but i have to wait till december 2010 !?! omg ! i cant wait ….

conan the movie 13 !!!

finally ! i got it ! yeahhhh ! i was waiting for it like a year ! and now im gonna watch it like 100 times !

tiffany (snsd) and nicole (kara) will be in family outing !!!

It has been revealed that Tiffany of SNSD and Nicole of Kara will be the next guest stars of the show, SBS Family Outing, following the footsteps of Dara of 2NE1 and UEE of After School. The two idol stars filmed this episode on the 21st at KyungKiDo Pocheon.

Now, don’t scream yet – the real excitement is just about to start.

Although these two sexy girls seem just enough to please the male audience (as well as the cast), they couldn’t satisfy the production team. They instead decided to double triple quadruple the fun by inviting not only SNSD and KARA, but Brown Eyed Girls and T-ara as well! This crowd of ladies actually visited the set to surprise Tiffany and Nicole, and to cheer them up for their very first appearance on a show where revealing your no-make-up face is necessary.

A related source revealed, “Tiffany and Nicole, who were both born and raised out of country, showed their unique charms which were quite different than Sandara Park and UEE’s. The girl groups, which gathered to cheer these two girls up, definitely elevated the atmosphere, creating the happiest ambiance.”


finally !!!! 3 of my favourite ! hyori nuna ! fany ! and nicole ! wowwwww !!! i cant wait ! i cant wait !

adidas originals by originals by jeremy scott 2010 !! first look !!

dope !! it’s seriously dope !!! i cant wait to buy them !!! and you can see the rest of it HERE !!!

jeremy scott !! you always create awesome stuffs !!!!

family outing ep 78 preview !!

it seem like the end of family outing is coming closer !

the future of digital magazine !?!?

damnnn ! cooooooool ! check the description HERE !!!